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#Whimsigirl x NH competition : the 3 winners!

May 11, 2015

winners_1A hugeee thanks to everyone who entered our #whimsigirlxNH competition for Mother’s Day and it means a lot to us to have you share your stories! All of them have made it an emotional and memorable week for us both teams at Whimsigirl and Nelissa Hilman. ALL OF YOU ARE WINNERS, but congratulations to these entries that won a special place in our hearts 🙂
winners_2Such an amazing entry from @leanbeans. We are touched by how your parents met and how she worked hard to build her home and family. Here’s to many more travels to both your mom and dad – and your entire family.


Your wife is only lucky woman, @hafeezizmal. And if only all husbands are as romantic (or good in poetry) as you are. Your entry caught our eyes (and hearts) and we’re happy to gift your wife a pair of Nelissa Hilman shoes


winners_4We could like to congratulate Kak Sand (your amazing sister-in-law, @alia.hashim nominated you for our #whimsigirlxNH contest) and we salute you for being a strong single mommy, juggling a full-time job and three wonderful kids to Ann, Hariz and Hakeem, and also beloved aunt to Alif and Aqif.

See the 7 mums that we featured for our In Her Shoes campaign throughout this Mother’s Day :
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{ewa zaghlol – corporate events executive}
{adeline chong – Snackfood owner}
{amirah suraya – Whimsigirl’s manager}
{noriza baharuddin – Whimsigirl’s grandma and home maker}
{alia hashim – Investment analyst}