Little Adventures

Weekend tea time

October 19, 2012

Between everyone’s work schedule, recovering from all sorts of sickness (I could’ve sworn our daily lifestyle choices are taking it’s toll on our physical health *shake head*), this one being sent here and another sent there,Β  we managed to take some time off and had a quick tea time get together. And by we, I meant us Melbournians who refuused to let go of our Melbourne days, we’re stuck in the past and there’s no cure I tell you. Husband never studied in Melbourne but he’s stuck in our group πŸ˜€

Auf on the other hand is everyone’s little baby, of course he had to come, or else there’d be hell to pay! You’d think my friends look forward to see us 3, but nooo, they’re far more interested in seeing him than seeing us, to a point they’d change their schedules to fit HIS!Β  I did just carry him for 38 weeks, I did have all those heart burns and swollen elephant feet, but who cares. Pfft! πŸ˜€

Was excited to meet the gang and catch up but Rauf was not having it. Poor thing had just recovered from stomach virus that made him throw up everything he’s eaten and drank. Observed him for couple of days and he seemed like his old healthy and happy self, so we decided that’s he’s ready to go out. But as we reached, he threw a temper tantrum and he was NOT happy. As he’s never been this way before, we were puzzled and worried (embarrassed too), what did we miss, is he alright, we ruled out every possibility (not hungry, clean diaper, not sleepy). Only thing we could think of maybe he’s still not fully recovered yet, he must be in so much discomfort to be acting that way. People were staring and funny glances as we struggled to get him settled. We decided to cut the evening short and go home, only to notice he had a molar cutting through! Tummy discomfort AND a molar coming out, THAT’S why he act up. I gave myself such a hard time and felt super self conscious by judgmental stare people have been giving, but after knowing the cause, I felt so much better. My poor baby’s not feeling well, he acted the same way other babies and adult would and I know I really shouldn’t beat myself over it. However, I can’t help it, mummy’s so sorry for not noticing your molar baby πŸ™

As we were all saying our goodbyes, someone decided he’s feeling better and be himself again. Teasing and playing with everyone. Nice timing -__-

Rauf’s wearing Whimsigirl Design’s Hipparchus Baby Kimono