Little Adventures

Trip to Petrosains

July 23, 2013

I went to Petrosains a few months ago with my big cousins and we seriously enjoyed ourselves. And I mean, REALLY enjoyed ourselves. We played, tried, and touched everything imaginable and even danced to the dinosaurs(it was singing as we entered the room). So I thought, Rauf lovesss all sorts of transportion and there’s nothing that he loves more than to just run around, so why not Uncle Meel and Mum Thira bring Rauf to Petrosains?! And so we did.

IMG_1453small IMG_1440small

Rauf was wearing Whimsigirl‘s Rajaa kurta top, Bilal pants and our PEEP shoes.

IMG_1508smallpetrosains small

That blue slide up there, was amayyyzing. It’s short but quite the thrill especially when you’re laughing all the way down because you can listen to the person at the opposite end. We as adults know that sound travels fast and all that, but we sure never get tired of seeing it in action 🙂


Rauf is obzzezzed with allll kinds of trucks. He can identify more trucks better than mum thira can. But when he was faced with this moving digger, he didn’t know what to do with it. erm, overwhelmed maybe? hehe

Despite of us being low on energy on a fasting day, we made a full day out of it! But of course we were flat out on the sofa the moment we got home. haha