The magical world of Books

November 7, 2012

Little guy now has a little nook to call his own 🙂 If only we have an extra room that we could convert into a reading and play room, but this is all that mummy could spare for now baby.

We set up his own space hoping we could instill good reading habits while trying to establish some sense of belonging, stability and organization. It’s only been few days and he already knows what the space is for and where all his books are. He’s currently obsessed with Humpty Dumpty, or TATI as Auf calls it, and whenever we asked where’s Humpty Dumpty, he would say Tati and ran towards his table and pulled out Humpty Dumpty.

I remembered reading an article somewhere saying, parents are encouraged to let their children take charge of their own space and activity, coz they love taking charge of things and of themselves! (Well, we parents sure know how much children love taking matters into their own hands don’t we, haha). That particular feeling of theirs would heightened their sense of mastery and competence level. Which would result a child feeling independent and empowered, making them likely to be LESS oppositional and rebel. wow! who knew eh?

Rauf baby, hopefully this will kick start a beautiful journey that we will all embark on together. Ohhh the wonderful world you’d discover, things you’d learnt, the characters you’d meet.. it would be magical to say the least! 🙂

Rauf will hold on to this photo and gaze deeply whenever he sees it, even hugged and kissed it many many times. Now it goes on to stay on his table, it’s only fit no? 🙂