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Stellar & Chatime Ramadhan Bazaar

July 31, 2013


Our good friend Stellar organized a ramadhan event last weekend in conjuction with Chatime‘s 100th outlet. It was held in Malaysia’s very first container hotel(!). It’s poppin’ orange and was just wayyyy too cool for school. So Whimsigirl wanted to get in on the fun(of course) and just basically wanted be INNNN the container 🙂


We got the best spot on the rooftop! The weather was on our side that day because it was windy alllll the wayy. It sort of felt like a short beach holiday if we closed our eyes. sort of.


Our PEEP shoes were such a conversation starter with everyone!

IMG_3531 IMG_3530Congratulations Stellar for a stellar(just had to double on that) job on the event and Chatime for their 100th outlet! Also, thank you so much for everyone that came to say hi and hello to newfound friends!

For anyone that missed us last weekend, Whimsigirl will be opening a booth at Hello Deer Damansara Uptown THIS weekend from 4pm-12am. See you there ok ok?