Simple things

October 3, 2012

It feels so good to finally able to blog again. Need to just get that out of my chest, heee 😀 Rauf’s grandparents got him one of the Step 2 Car ride for his 1st birthday, while he loved his new ride, he loved the box that the car came in even more! Especially when mummy and grandma are there to play house with him 🙂

Both my husband and I love battery-free toys and simple toys that lets them play with their creativity and imagination. We’re really psyched to learn that our son enjoys simple things like cabinet doors, drawers, milk cartons, strings and wires (bear in mind they’re NOT connected to any power points), unloading grocery bags, help mummy opens and closes the door and gates, packet of baby wipes, and of course, cardboard boxes. Looking back, remember blanket and pillow forts, lego and wooden blocks, ball, Rubik’s cube, crayons, tea sets and wooden toys? We sure LOVE those things growing up, even now as adults! hehe.

Now, here’s a checklist we set whenever we look at Rauf’s toys, i mean, whenever we can. hehe.

  • Battery-free, any chance to go green and save the earth we say, why not? 😀
  • Room to learn, play and be imaginative
  • Quality
  • Stand the Test of Time , wouldn’t it be cool if he could pass it down to his siblings and eventually their kids someday ?

But sometimes, you cant help yourself when you see those little trains with the funniest choo choo music 🙂