Scandinavian Nursery

October 15, 2012

Rauf sleeps in a little space in our bedroom, I love it! But deep down I secretly wish for a beautiful nursery with character for Rauf. We might have a 3 bedroom place, obviously the master’s already occupied by us, unfortunately the other 2 rooms have to go to our trusted helper and much needed storage. Until we get a bigger place, Auf’s stuck sharing a room with mummy and daddy 😀

I like it that he shares the room with us, kids they grow SOO fast! Given that situation, I want to have him to myself as much as I could. He has other time and other ways to learn to be independent (Hye! I’m in denial and REFUSE to accept that his son is growing up). BUT I’d also like it if he has a space to call his own. Space to learn and play in, to play pretend, basically a space I could escape and allows me to be a kid with my kid. That would be oh soo wonderful.

When I dream of those beautiful nurseries, THIS nursery by designers Sissy and Marley I came across on Design Sponge (could we die for design sponge? i could) came pretty close to how I imagined Rauf’s nursery would be. Who doesn’t love a good Scandinavian space, gotta thank those people over at IKEA. What’s not to love? Wooden toys, check! Elephants, check! Books displayed proudly, check! Full sized wardrobe, check! Super chic baby cot, check! 🙂

images by Marco Ricca