October 20, 2012

It was a funnn saturday! Toy store, good food and The park, what’s not to love?! Ran up and down the aisle chasing that little boy (phew!), played with most of the displayed toys, and then for a second we thought we lost him, turned out his ball went behind one of the big boxes and he did NOT want to leave unless we “rescued” the ball as well, too noble that one. haha. We thought of getting him something if we see him take a liking towards any good toys, nahhh, that boy has no favorites. I swear the only thing he likes at this point are mummy daddy, twinkle twinkle little star video and a rm5 baby book I bought over at the Big Bad Wolf. At the store, he played with a toy for a mere 2 minutes then off to another. I think he just liked the store as a whole, so we left the store empty handed, not completely empty, just good memories. 😀 wait, why am I complaining and somewhat disappointed here? we managed to save! what’s wrong with me??

Come evening we spent sometime at our favorite park, and it was lovely 🙂 Auf chased and greeted random strangers, barefoot time on the grass, lifted his shirt half of the time and flashed his tummy to the whole world while pointing to his belly button (he’s so proud that he has one!), walked up to anyone holding a phone/camera and tried to be nosy by wanting to see the photo display on the screen. I know I have have some major work cut out for me, too friendly that one.