Little Adventures - Travel Series

Port Dickson Weekend

January 17, 2014


Port Dickson isn’t necessarily the number one choice if I wanted to go for a family vacay, but uhhhhh was I wrong. My ayah wanted to bring us all for our first ride on his boat, so we decided to make a weekend out of it. Any opportunity for a holiday right?

I just thought it would be a nice change to use my film camera to document the trip. I’m still learning(so tricky!) on how to use the camera and sure, half of the film roll turned out black BUT, the other half turned out reyl nice!


That moment when the boat came speeding towards us from the other side of the island, and seeing ayah’s face lit up as he saw his family waiting there. That moment was special.

All of us in the family are sorttt of speed junkies. For us, the faster the better. That little boy even slept through the speed and bumps after just 20mins. such heavyweight.


we spent the evening just chasing and looking at all the crabs travelling from one hole to another. such a simple thing but so fascinating, could just stare at them for hours..

19you were absolutely good to us, port dickson. thumbs up!