Little Adventures - Travel Series

M for Melbourne, M for Museum

November 28, 2013


A few weeks ago, I went on a short holiday to Melbourne. And as expected, most of my friends exclaimed the same thing – “Aren’t you over it yet? You were there for three years, haven’t you seen all there is to see in Melbourne?”

The truth is I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of a place like Melbourne, even more so after it’s been my home for the past three years during uni. Being back in this warm and familiar city made me feel like a schoolgirl with a crush – yes, butterflies-in-my-tummy and all. I might be a bit biased but I honestly think that anyone who has had the chance to call Melbourne their home (or second home) will definitely go through some separation issues when they’re made to part ways.

Going to the markets, walking down the grid-like layout of the city streets, the smell of coffee around almost every corner, and encountering eccentric and ordinary personalities across the city are some of the things that I missed the most about Melbourne. But my ultimate favourite would have to be my trips to the Melbourne Museum.

Back in my uni days, I stayed in an apartment on Russell x La Trobe street and one of the perks about it was that the Melbourne Museum was a mere 5 minutes walk away. The exhibition that I look forward to the most is always the animal display 🙂


This gigantic bone structure of a whale greets you right at the entrance of the exhibition, followed by these bones of a dinosaur. There is also a section of the floor that has dinosaur fossils with glass over it to see through. There is also a set of binoculars that allows you to ‘scan’ over the bones to see what it looks like with flesh and skin covering it – in other words the actual dinosaur 🙂 I thought these two things were pretty cool and the way they’re incorporated into the exhibition makes it even more interesting, it gives one the feeling of being part of an archeological adventure!



Walking forward from the Dinosaur Hall you’ll arrive at this amazing scene. The animals look SO GOOD, almost real! And the way they’re all just standing gathered there reminds me so much of the opening scene in ‘The Lion King’. There is an interactive touch screen where one could click on the animals (exactly like in the display) and the name and information about that specific animal will pop up 🙂 this is a really good idea as it eliminates the use of name placards that sometimes clutter up the display area.


Next is the insects, reptiles and amphibians section (no photos of the reptiles and amphibians ‘cos EEEK!). It was amazing to see just how many different types of butterflies there are, varying in shape and size and colours too. The number of insects in jars and glass cases was just CRAZY, there must have been thousands upon thousands 🙂

All in all, a trip to the museum is definitely worth your time if ever you’re in Melbourne!