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Whimsigirl in London : Shoreditch & Columbia Road

December 1, 2014

Hello world! Sara here. How is it that it’s already Dec?? If you had noticed on Whimsigirl’s social medias, we posted a few pictures from our London-Paris trip earlier in the year (here, here, here). Since we were there for a whole month exploring both cities, we also thought that a fun travel guide could possibly come out from the trip!

But by the time we got back, work had piled up and we sadly had to put this travel series on the back burner. AND also because, it just wasn’t weather appropriate to post anything up. Talking about winter holiday during the summer? Urm, depressing much? Okay fine, it was mostly because of the whole work/busy thing.

map of columbia road market

2014 has brought us tremendous luck and joy that we thought we want to force our way into making this travel series happen and cap the year in the best possible light! So, you can find Whimsigirl’s Travel Series post every Tuesday & Friday, from December to January. Every post will cover a certain district of the cities and will show you some of the amazing places to go/see with aaaaanyone you want during the winter!

Our amazing designer, Zurisha has created map illustrations for each post to give you a rough idea on where everything is located to help with your explorations. I mean, it is crazy cute. First up, (my favourite), East London!

Whimsigirl in London covering Shoreditch and Columbia Road flower marketI understand flowers isn’t necessarily enough of a reason to wake up early on a Sunday morning. And to do it on repeat every Sunday morning, you might think there’s onnnly so much flowers one person needs right? Well, lets just agree to disagree on that.

Columbia road flower market ice cream truckTo be honest, the reason I keep on coming back every week (usually on my own!) is because of this ice-cream truck parked by the market. The happiness of eating £2 ice cream while you walk along the street + surrounded by flowers + the weekend crowd is just what Sunday mornings are allll about!

1_east-london-2To me, the flower market isn’t just about flowersflowersflowers. It’s one of those markets that you’re guaranteed to have a good time with anyone really; friends/family/date/kids/ or solo! The crowd tends to get heavier after 9am though, so try not to bring your strollers along as it will just restrict you from moving freely.

Just make sure you go to every single crook & corner, because you will find the tiniest coffee booth, little girls sitting on a chair selling cookies, musicians playing all kinds of folk music, £4 antique frames and Ryantown, a store selling intricate paper cuts.

Whimsigirl in London covering Shoreditch and Columbia Road flower marketIf the market gets too intense for your kids’ liking (it CAN get a little crazy), the playground besides the market is such a hit with the kids. The graphic black & white wall above was always my go-to place if i’m in an Instagram funk and needs a cheer me up picture 🙂

Whimsigirl in London covering Shoreditch and Columbia Road flower market Whimsigirl in London covering Shoreditch and Columbia Road flower market Whimsigirl in London covering Shoreditch and Columbia Road flower marketCan I just say that it’s an amazing time to be a kid visiting or living in London right about now?

Lily-VanilliThe Lily Vanilli Bakery only opens on Sundays, and it only sits pretty much just 10 people. You might as well just que up anyways because that cheesy bread + hot chocolate combo is a winner.

Next up… say hellooo to my little friend.

Since The Breakfast Club is just walking distance from the Columbia Rd, it’s a Sunday tradition to have brunch here right after the market. English people do NOT take weekend brunches lightly, it’s a serious thing. Reggie the veggie is always a good option for a full blown meal and their pancakes* are so good that sharing a plate is just.not.possible. (* flamingo sticks come separately)

El-PasoEl Paso is just opposite the road and has the quirkiest deco. I’ve been here around 7 times now, and 6/7 of those times, I ordered the nachos and tea! It is the perfect sharing snack combo on a winter’s day.

Part 2 of east London will be up on Friday, so see you at the end of the week!!

Good to know:
Columbia Rd Flower Market (open on Sundays): 
Columbia Rd London E2 7RG
Lily Vanilli (open on Sundays) :6 The Courtyard, Ezra St. London E2 7RH
The Breakfast Club : 2-4 Rufus Street, N1 6PE
El Paso : 350-354 Old St London EC1V 9NQ

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