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In Her Shoes : Ewa Zaghlol

May 5, 2015

Whimsigirl x Nelissa Hilman In Her Shoes Mothers Day Campaign_1Describe a perfect Mother’s Day.
A relaxing breakfast in bed with my family!

What are the names of your children and how old are they?
Eusoff (6), Emaan Eudora (4), Elias (2)

Describe your day-to-day routine as a working mom.
Night before – prepare clothes & pack their school bags
In the morning – bathe them, breakfast & send them to school
After work – dinner first, then do school homework & review them (sometimes if we come back early, we’ll take them out for movies!)

Whimsigirl x Nelissa Hilman In Her Shoes Mothers Day Campaign_2

Elias is wearing Whimsigirl’s Tuah playsuit / Emaan is wearing the Juliette dress

How would you describe your motherhood journey?
It’s an amazing roller coaster ride! Beautiful journey & very challenging but all worth it!!

What was the one thing that you wished you knew before becoming a mom?
Candies are a big no-no!!

How has your style changed since becoming a mom?
Ever since becoming a mom, obviously the children come first! Therefore, when it comes to getting ready, mom will have less mirror time & just grab whatever that’s there!

What are the three mom essentials that you can’t live without?
– wet wipes, water tumbler, and snack for kids

Whimsigirl x Nelissa Hilman In Her Shoes Mothers Day Campaign_3

Ewa’s wearing the Duma (Red Alligator)

Is there anything that you swear you’d never do as a mom that has gone out the window?
Not to scream at them, because of course I do when everything is out of control!

Any tricks of the trade that you’ve picked up along the way?
When your child cries, always distract them (change the topic!). Train them young so that they’ll get used to it. This works for me all the time for all 3 kids

What do you love most about being a mom?
Looking at your child when they laugh, giggle & smile. It makes me feel so blessed!

What’s your favourite thing to do with your child?
To be on a vacation with them all. But our lepak/ chill/ guling session with the kids at home is also one of our favourite thing to do!

What surprised you the most about being a mom?
I had no idea that i would fall in love with all of them equally!

What is the one thing about your mom that you love most?
Her superwoman character! Her ability to do everything by herself! I mean everything!
Whimsigirl x Nelissa Hilman In Her Shoes Mothers Day Campaign_4If you could do anything for your children, what would it be?
I would ensure that everything is safe around them

What has motherhood taught you?
Motherhood is a journey of a learning process. It has taught me to always listen to your child, be patient always & be flexible! And the most important thing is that motherhood has taught me the meaning of unconditional love!

What do you want your children to remember about you?
I want them to know that I love them so much! & that I’m always here for them.

Did you have any traditions with your mom that you now share (or would like to share) with your children?
Mom would always make it a point for us siblings to sit down & eat together for dinner. I would want them to follow this tradition when they grow.