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In Her Shoes : Cheryl Samad

May 9, 2015

Whimsigirl x Nelissa Hilman In Her Shoes Cheryl samad_1One thing I wished I knew before becoming a mom 
I wish someone had told me how much prepping it takes to leave the house with a baby!

My daily uniform
I’m constantly in Jeans,a comfortable top and a pair of flats i can run in.

My daily routine would be
I wake up before 7am and from then on I prepare meals,feed,bathe, clean, play, run errands and work, all with Stella around while trying to squeeze in some time for a sip of coffee! But I’m not complaining 😀

One thing I swear I’d never do as a mom that has gone out the window
I never wanted to give in to the whole ‘watch a cartoon on mummy’s handphone while mummy eats her meal’, but I have. It’s a lifesaver.
Whimsigirl x Nelissa Hilman In Her Shoes Cheryl samad_2Things that get me through the day
I just try my best to have as fun as possible when i’m with her. So if that means I need to shop for something, pay bills, or meet up with friends, I bring her along and hope for the best!

Favourite thing to do with my child
I love being in the kitchen with her. She loves watching me cook and recently she ‘helped’ me bake some scones. We both had a good laugh.

One thing I love most about my mom
My Mum is an extremely kind and affectionate person. I learned how to love from her

Whimsigirl x Nelissa Hilman In Her Shoes Cheryl samad_3

Cheryl is wearing Duma (royal blue)

Motherhood taught me 
Motherhood has taught me to view everything with a sense of humor. I think if I had taken it all too seriously in the beginning when things were so hard, I might have lost it.

How I balance work with home life
Because I really enjoy my time with my daughter, I’m more selective of the jobs I take. I love my work, but nothing can top hanging out with my little monkey

What I want my kids to remember about me
I want my kid to remember me as a mother she could always count on.

A tradition with my mom that I want to share with my kids
My mother always had tea time with us. I remember she would bake us treats, then set up the table all nice and pretty and get us to sit around pretending we were at a tea party 😄

Whimsigirl x Nelissa Hilman In Her Shoes Cheryl samad_4