The imaginative world of carboard box

October 4, 2012

I’ve mentioned in the previous post on how much my husband and I love battery free toys. We find cardboard and wooden toys the best! Cardboard in particular can be painted and drawn on which is why in our opinion they’re the best toys for any child, as they inspire children to use their imagination. If you’re into DIY, I stumbled upon these really cool projects for you. If only Rauf was bigger I would’ve asked my husband, Anis to make one for our son. But then again, I’d reckon anyone could do it!  And I’ve posted some other DIY projects that you kids might like. Have fun!

If you’re not into DIYs, these eye candies are absolutely my fave! They’re UH-mazing!

1. kinderpendent 2. kinderpendent 3. Mini Mocha on Apartment Therapy 4. & 5. Mitik 6. Flatout Frankie 7. Paperpod 8. Kidsonroof