Grocery shopping

October 17, 2012

I swear the things we do everyday is so mundane that I wonder who reads this blog. We dont do anything fancy, just doing day to day things the best we could. This post in particular screams mundane! But that’s just how we like it 🙂

Before I had a kid, I’ve always thought bringing a kid to supermarket would be a nightmare, they would want to buy everything and would throw temper tantrum if things don’t go their way, eeeek!!! Dear god please don’t let me go through those unfortunate moment, although I’m sure I’d still get a few of those mishaps thrown my way in the future, but plssss, limit it as much as you can.

I can’t just sit by and let stuff happens, I tried to take matters into my own hands now and I hope it works, so far so good *knock on wood*. So I do what every mother would, educate and lead a good example. Grocery shopping is one of our favorite family activity (shopping in any form is fun, hehe), I feel that it’s more than just buying stuff for your kitchen and your house, It’s an experience.  And We try to make it as exciting as we could and we make it a fun learning process. And that boy loooves him some supermarket experience, I think maybe due to the fact that he felt involved in the whole process. We let him know the name of things, what they are, how they work, and we let him CHOOSE. He knows the drill, I’d display couple of things I’ve chosen in advance in front of him and then he’d tap his hand twice on the item that he’d pick. You should see the proud look on his face. Wouldn’t you be?? I know if I’m a kid, and my parents would let me choose, mannnn I’d be overjoyed! and I’d feel pretty darn important. haha. And if he’s been a good boy, mummy would reward and let him pick something that he wants. If you’re a 14 months old toddler and your name is Rauf, that only means 2 things, Mangoes and Bananas. Between those two, he only knows “Nahnah”, so he squeeled “Nahnah Nahnah Nahnah” the entire time we’re in the fresh produce aisle. And to think that his favorite animal sound is the monkey. Hmmm. Mummy’s not implying anything baby. hahaha.

He got into habit of sharing everything with people lately and we couldn’t be prouder. Any parents would 🙂