{Giveaway} Raya Jammies

August 13, 2014

1_raya jammies giveaway

Salam Aidilfitri everyone! Hope everyone is still in the Raya state of mind; Raya outfits, Raya food, Raya mood! Instagram was flooded with so many people wearing their fancy festive outfits that we couldn’t help ourselves but to design pajamas to wear at night

2_raya jammies

It’s only been two weeks into the celebration, but I feel like i’ve eaten a year’s worth of food supply mahh gad. So by the end of the day, I honestly just want to curl in front of the tv at night, wear the baggiest pajamas, and… eat little bit more

3_raya jammies

Our Raya money packets this year was all about the little celebration. It being the firsttt set of prints that we designed, definitely makes it THAT extra special. So, we thought what better way to commemorate this period than to make one Raya jammies for ourselves with the print… and to give one away for one mini Whimsi!

s_DSC_0453 copy5_raya jammiesPrint

To win the jammies set, just simply …
1) Go to the Whimsigirl site and explore a bit
2) Comment below to let us know about YOUR favourite Raya tradition

One winner will be chosen on 20th August, Wednesday at 11am GMT+8. Open to all readers!
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UPDATE – winner is #4 Norlaili

6 thoughts on “{Giveaway} Raya Jammies

  1. NA

    My favourite raya tradition has got to be getting new pyjamas on the day before raya. I still remeber when my sisters and I were young, we look forward to seeing our new matching pyjamas laid out on the bed, ready to be worn on raya night. There’s just something about new pyjamas and raya night that make us feel oh so excited! I knew I wanted to keep the tradition alive when I had my own kids and thankfully I have been buying the boys new pyjamas every year and although they are still too young to notice it, it makes raya a little bit more special keeping this tradition alive.

  2. Syarifah Syazrah

    My favourite Raya tradition would be the cooking and baking! All the scrumptious Raya foods are best enjoyed together with our loved ones.

  3. Norlaili Lott

    I remember when me and my six sisters were young, dad woke us up early in the last fasting morning to catch our home-grown chickens. Then, everyone got their task; holding the chickens for slaughtering process, cleaning and cutting them, before Mom putting them into the big pan for making Rendang. That was our tradition upon Raya celebration, and always be my favorite.
    After a few years, Dad not able to home-grow the chickens and we just buy them from the market. I still miss that moment.

  4. Diyana

    These are a few of my favourite raya traditions which I treasured and still practising even after becoming a mother myself.

    1) Spring cleaning! ( yes, much to others dismay. I used to imagine my house glowing during eve of raya, especially after a change of curtains).

    2) The only time of the year to get a brand new bedspread! Who doesnt love fresh new bedsheets.

    3) Making batches and batches of cookies ( and seeing it gone before your very eyes during breaking fast).

    4) New baju kurung, matching with my sister and mother!

    5) Fresh flowers! The only time of the year my parents will buy fresh flowers to fill up those empty vase. The smell of fresh flowers are simple amazing!

    6) Helping my mum peel all the onions and crying while doing, just so I could smell the delicious dishes cooking on the stoves.

    7) Taking hours to apply make-up but ruin it all during seeking for forgiveness session.

    Last but not least,

    8) Meeting all my relatives and catching up with them on the first day of raya.

  5. sayed

    my favourite would definitely be the 1st breakfast. kumpul ramai2 and gobble breakfast in our best baju raya before raya prayers. the first time after a whole month of ramadhan, to get to eat during the day just feels different and brings meaning to ramadhan. surely brings the first smile of syawal.

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