Gift of time

October 2, 2012

As a new mum of a 13 months old boy, with a new business, having a husband with very demanding career, I find it really hard to juggle everything while trying to maintain a sense of balance and have my sanity in check! It’s all so new and we still have so much to learn. Husband and I strongly believe in a healthy working culture, work as hard and play as hard. But despite how hard we try, it’s rather impossible at such early stage of business and career. But we constantly assure him that mummy daddy have to work hard now so we all could have lots and lots of quality time in the future, let’s hope he would catch that on quick 🙂

With Rauf, we’re grateful to have such amazing support system at home, it does take a village to raise a child without a doubt. But with us being away ever so often, sometimes i can’t help but felt the need to replace our absence with toys, the best ones, the biggest ones, the fanciest ones we could find in the toy store. After presenting him with all sorts of toy goodness over a period of time, i could see that he really didn’t care much for them, HECK! The grocery bags are more interesting mummy! Butttt whenever Husband or myself came home and greeted at the door, his face would beam with so much joy, chucking aside everything in his hands, and ran to give us a big “masam” bear hug and showered us with kisses. He’s never shown that much excitement towards any material goods in his life! So we’ve decided to set a limit on how often and how much goods we get him now, and so far he doesn’t seem to even notice 🙂 So the old saying, “The best gift any parents could present to their child, is indeed the gift of their time”, is very true indeed. Heard about it before but never quite get it, i mean, c’mon, what kids don’t like toys? But now, yeahhh, I GET IT. I do. I realllly do 🙂

Disclaimer:- Dear readers, for current and future references, I’m in no way qualified to educate or set any rules for parents, not that I’m even trying to. I believe every parents and their families are different, and you should figure out and decide what works best for you. I’m just merely sharing this new journey of ours and the experiences that comes with it 🙂