Fressful 2013

June 26, 2013

If I could describe Whimsigirl’s 2013, I’d have to say FRUITFUL. And if I’m given another word to describe it’d have to be STRESSFUL, but the good kind! The kind that means business is running and you’re actually working 😀  All in all, we grew up, and AGED too! I swear I’ve earned a few strands of white hair and a few lines this year alone. Business start up is never easy and we learn it the harddd way as we don’t have buckets of money handed to us to start this business, just enough to run. Which is why I thank god and my lucky stars for our talented and dedicated team who contributed all their time and for believing in the company. These bunch of talents could’ve be well off in any money making corporation out there, but they chose to be with us. Love them to the moon and back!

After allll the late nights (might as well means EVERY night) and lots of lovers quarrels, we’re ready to finally showcase our RTW line consisting both traditional and casual pieces for 2013 Aidilfitri. Here’s our video campaign filmed by the oh so talented Meel Lao that we shot at Aman Rimba Private Estate and several other locations in Janda Baik. While we’d like to work with the best talents, we still need to implement cost cutting solutions so we could stay within budget. Naturally I had to use my son Rauf for all our campaigns, what are families for ey? Thank you Aufff, mummy loves you loves you 😀 One day when you wake up and say “mummy I don’t want to this anymore”, and that’ll be the end of it. But for now he’s happy to be able to help his mummy out and having so much fun working alongside pretty kakak like Soraya Ann, can’t complaint yea Rauf 😉