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March 26, 2015

whimsigirl #ilovemywhimsy

We’ve been getting a lot of photos from all corners of the world lately and my goodness! They are SO…NICE! So we thought wouldn’t it be great if we could share these photos for everyone to see and get inspired by because it’s so refreshing to see how you mamas style the pieces in your own ways. Plus come on, WHO can resist seeing those sweet, pudgy faces doing their thang? (As if these Whimsy Aunties can’t be more embarrassing than they already are…sheesh!)

So mamas (and papas), the next time you put them kiddos in their whimsy pieces, why not take a photo (or more…the more the merrier in this case) and share them with us at #ilovemywhimsy? We’re whipping up a column just for this purpose as we speak so that your bubba can join his/her friends here!

whimsigirl #ilovemywhimsy_2


Whimsy Aunties