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Catch of the week

Catch Of The Week / 7

February 25, 2016

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_rainbowprojectROCKSTAR / Alia spreads kindness one rainbow rock at a time through her #rainbowrockproject, with all proceeds going to her local homeless shelter.
whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_bananaART / It’s totally okay to play with your food (if you’re Gretchen Röehrs).

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_tasteoftiffinEVENT / Your plans with the whole family is sorted this weekend.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_ar-raudhahDESTINATION / Spreading over 250acres of fruit orchard and a biotech far,  Ar-Raudhah is “..committed to being a part of a more sustainale food system and educating the youth about agriculture”. Count us in!

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_humansofnyLIFE / Sweet advice from a dad to her daughter.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_sharethemealSHOP / With every Whimsigirl piece that is purchased, Syrian mothers will receive vouchers to supplement their daily diets.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_plantsDESIGN / One way to live with your favourite plants.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_chinbeardsFUN / Let’s take a journey of these two best friends and their beautiful chin beards.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_matisseDIY / Fun with Matisse.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_rainbowbagelFOOD / This psychedelic bagel in Brooklyn that’s making everyone talk.

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Enjoy your day!! x

Catch of the week


July 27, 2015

catch of the week_Pandora Advertisement1. Blindfolded Kids Rely On Other Senses To Identify Their Moms / ADVERTISEMENT
catch of the week_sukka project

2. Sukka Project’s Handmade Cat Cushions / DECORATION
catch of the week_play-go-mat-toy3. Play & Go Bag/Play Mat / STORAGE
catch of the week_photobooth-24. Giant Fruit Photo Prop / DIY
Catch of the week_lunch5. What Recess Looks Like Around The World / KIDS
catch of the week_Types of bakso_26. The Different Types of Bakso / FOOD
catch of the week_Whimsigirl Peggy Dress7. Gina Kim’s Photography / WHIMSIGIRL
catch of the week_llustrated-story-books8. Best Illustrated Story Books / READ
catch of the week_sonnet-james-whitney9.Sonnet James’ Play Dresses for Playful Moms / FASHION
catch of the week_Amy & Ivor10. Amy & Ivor’s Lace-Up Travellers / SHOES

Hope everyone is spending their weekend with their absolute loved ones! xx
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Catch of the week

Catch of the week / 5

April 16, 2015

Whimsigirl Catch of the week /51. Calories cafe / LOCAL SPOT
Whimsigirl Catch of the week / 52. A genius way to teach your child not to interrupt / PARENTING
Whimsigirl Catch of the week3. #ihavethisthingwithfloors / LIFESTYLE
Whimsigirl Catch of the week / 54. @Cheer_Upper : automatically reply your sad tweets with kind words on Twitter / SOCIAL MEDIA
Whimsigirl Catch of the week / 55. Mari Market * in Bangsar / SUNDAY MARKET
1-PCcFbkZg6TTLKACPSGClLA6. The 10 commandments of sushi / LIFESTYLE

Whimsigirl Catch of the week /57. How they roll / FUN
Whimsigirl Catch of the week / 58. Going fishing / STYLING
Whimsigirl Catch of the week / 59. Magnify cards / STATIONERY
Whimsigirl Catch of the week / 510. On faking it and sistery love / SISTERHOOD

*We went to the Mari Market in 2014 and it was such a good turnout! Apart from the food testers(hehe), the highlight was being educated by The Alphabet Press on how letterpress printing actually works with an hour worth of demonstration. So we’re defo going this Sunday for the second time around, see you there 🙂
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Catch of the week

Catch of the week / 4

April 10, 2015

Whimsigirl Catch of the week_angora bunnies1. World of angora show bunnies / ANIMALS

Whimsigirl Catch of the week_52 Places to visit in 20152. 52 places to visit in 2015 / TRAVEL

Whimsigirl Catch of the week_KatrinKorfmann3. Aerial view by Katrin Korfmann / PHOTOGRAPHY
Whimsigirl Catch of the week_MGM logo4. Evolution of the MGM logo / DESIGN
Whimsigirl Catch of the week_weirdvsgreat5. Weird vs great / PRINT
Whimsigirl Catch of the week_harold ekeh6. Harold Ekeh; accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools / INSPIRATION
Whimsigirl Catch of the week_Floating Flower Garden7. Floating Flower Garden / INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION
Whimsigirl Catch of the week_Colorful home in Norway 8. Colourful Norway home / INTERIOR
Whimsigirl Catch of the week_solange knowles9. One way to match your outfit perfectly / PHOTO OPP
Whimsigirl Catch of the week_jellyfish10. Jellyfishes / COLOURS

Hope you’re well! We’re planning to keep this weekend quite easy. See you next week! xx

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Catch of the week

Catch Of The Week / 3

April 3, 2015

8 million flower petals put together into a volcano over Costa Rica1. 8 million flower petals put together into a volcano / VIDEO
oh gosh2. Oh gosh oh gosh oh gsoh / QUOTE
Armi Alive!3. Armi Alive! : a story about the founder of Marimekko / FILM
Ruth Landesa (Isuue 3)4. Ruth Landesa (issue 3) / ONLINE LOOKBOOK
Brother Vellies's Creative Director, Aurora James5. Brother Vellie’s creative director, Aurora James / INSPIRATION
Zooey magazine whimsigirl7. Spring has arrived at Zooey Magazine / EDITORIAL
The darjeeling limited movie poster8. The Darjeeling Limited / MOVIE POSTER
daughters of floral magic arranging flowers9. Floral Magic / FAMILY FLORIST
Present & Correct10. Present & Correct / STATIONERY

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies 🙂
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