Catch of the week

Catch Of The Week / 7

February 25, 2016

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_rainbowprojectROCKSTAR / Alia spreads kindness one rainbow rock at a time through her #rainbowrockproject, with all proceeds going to her local homeless shelter.
whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_bananaART / It’s totally okay to play with your food (if you’re Gretchen Röehrs).

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_tasteoftiffinEVENT / Your plans with the whole family is sorted this weekend.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_ar-raudhahDESTINATION / Spreading over 250acres of fruit orchard and a biotech far,  Ar-Raudhah is “..committed to being a part of a more sustainale food system and educating the youth about agriculture”. Count us in!

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_humansofnyLIFE / Sweet advice from a dad to her daughter.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_sharethemealSHOP / With every Whimsigirl piece that is purchased, Syrian mothers will receive vouchers to supplement their daily diets.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_plantsDESIGN / One way to live with your favourite plants.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_chinbeardsFUN / Let’s take a journey of these two best friends and their beautiful chin beards.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_matisseDIY / Fun with Matisse.

whimsigirl_catch of the week_7_rainbowbagelFOOD / This psychedelic bagel in Brooklyn that’s making everyone talk.

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