Busy Whimsies

October 9, 2013

We have been pretty tied up for the past few months with the upcoming Aidil Adha line development and our first ever tradeshow (which we’ll share soon!) but in between the (fressfull) projects, we managed to squeeze in…

An interview with The Edge:

Whimsigirl on TheEDGE

This was our first newspaper spread and we were over the moon and gushed for weeks when we saw it. It was THAT big! But there are a few bits that we’d like to correct though. First, Syazana did not give birth to a daughter three years ago, the said little girl was actually her niece. But she did give birth two years ago to a handsome son who constantly appears in our ad campaigns 🙂 Second, her age was! The full write-up is here.

A feature in Shopify Stories in Malaysia, here :

This was SO much fun to shoot! We shot this during the fasting month and the crew didn’t stop for lunch out of respect for us who were fasting. Are they the sweetest or what? They did a really good job too we think. Watch the video if you wish to see what really goes on behind our doors on a daily basis and please excuse the shiny foreheads!

AND  a live TV interview on TV3’s  Wanita Hari Ini!

Whimsigirl on WHI

It was our first ever live tv interview and we did pretty good considering the butterflies doing cartwheels in our tummy. We were featured along with AzuraAzwa and Little Haven. To view this, go to Tonton, search for Wanita Hari Ini 2013, and look for the one dated Mon, Sep 2.

Phewh! But we’re not complaining 🙂 Til next time!