Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

November 3, 2012

We’ve been having such beautiful weather this week that it constantly reminded me of MY Melbourne, yes of course it’s mine! Since our home is located at the highest peak of a hill, driving up while being surrounded by luscious greens in this cool rainy weather is pure bliss! Such a good opportunity to reflect and end the day. Alllmost make us not ever want to move!

Reached home and then we all geared up and worked on a project. Rauf is already over a year old and only now did we start spring cleaning and baby proof the entire house. We’ve been saying a lot of, “Auf don’t touch that!” “Auf that’s heavy” “Auf no no no!” ,  auf these and auf that, poor little guy. We had to put a stop to it and made him feel belong in his own home. Took a week off to just get everything organized, baby proofed in a way that every item within his reach is safe for him, rearranged the furniture to create more room and space, And also created a little corner that’s just HIS.

In our attempt to create that little corner of his, we got him some kiddy furniture, some toys and a super cute Easel for his future arts and crafts project. Mummy was so psyched over the Easel thinking it was the coolest thing and my son would love me to the moon and back for getting it for him, but nope! He’s not having it, he thought the baby chalk and the duster would be way better in his mouth than on the black board  -__-

INSTEADDD he chose these things. Plastic boxes and helped daddy assembled furniture. Truly his daddy’s son that one.

On the bright side, I now have 2 handy men in tow. Not too shabby 🙂