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Airbnb Paris: Montreuil

March 12, 2014

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We just got back from our trip to Europe that lasted for almost two months. It was quite an adventure, exhausting, but we had a blast. Anis and I started the first leg of the trip earlier before the rest of the family joined us for the rest of the trip.

As mentioned in our previous Airbnb post, we booked a few places for our 1.5month long stay and this charming 1 bedroom flat was the first place we stayed at during this trip. We enjoyed our stay in Montreuil so much that this place deserves a blog post 🙂

I picked out this particular flat among all the property listings in Airbnb for a few reasons. It was close to our work place, the price was within our budget, the reviews were good, we received prompt response from the polite host and last but not least it looked so darn good!

So good that an impromptu mini shoot just had to take place :p Thanks for the cameo Bedah and Haraz! They’re available here and here.

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Our host was so sweet to fetch us at the metro when we arrived. He even helped with the luggages since we had four flights of stairs to climb with luggages. YES. Bring on the echo! “OH THE HORROR” We knew about the four flights of stairs when we booked the place and believe me, it was actually a big selling point for us. Missing out on gym time for over a month means that you gotta do what you gotta do to stay active and try your best to squeeze a little workout here and there. Plus, most apartments and flats in Paris are pretty old anyway so the chances of finding one with an elevator is pretty slim.

No wonder these french are skinny! They walk everywhere, they climb stairs and they run in the cold in just shorts and t-shirts! Don’t know how they do it but that’s some serious dedication. Try looking for an overweight french, it would take some effort trust me, even if you could spot one, that person might not even be French #justsaying

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After settling in, our host Renaud showed us around and explained everything we needed to know. The closest metro, the markets, convenience stores, the code to the flat and most importantly, the wifi password. He even provided a written guide since c’mon, we humans forget stuff, admit it. The kitchen was fully equipped with everything you need to prepare simple meals. And then…there was the Nespresso machine. Let me tell you about that little piece of equipment. THAT thing was god sent! It produces pretty darn good coffee! You can purchase the espresso capsules in various brands at ANY mini mart and supermarket at a fairly reasonable price. It’s not fancy coffee but it was more than enough for us.

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If you need a TV then this is not the place for you. Maiiiinly because there is NONE. But amazingly we got by just fine without one, it was rather refreshing really. Coz at the end of the day, all you need are coffee and each other.

AND wifi! Yes most definitely wifi. 😀

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How is it that these french could turn this old couch around and make it look so effortlessly chic?

That I never know.

Montreuil is located just outside of Paris and resided by a multiracial group. When it comes to food outlets there are plenty of patisseries (DUH!), french bistros, Indian, Italian and Chinese restaurants around. If Halal Food is something that you look for, the neighbourhood has a number of halal restaurants, market and butchers, so you’ve got yourself covered.

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There are plenty of access to underground metros, busses and cabs. But if you want to live like the Parisians, you can always cycle. Yes, cycle. Velib bikes are available for renting at every few blocks. You could rent it for the day and drop it any Velib stations around the city. You won’t miss it, they’re EVERYWHERE!

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This is how we typically end our days in Montreuil. After a long day of work, we’d drop by a food outlet to have our food packed and get home so we could plop our feet up and enjoy our meal and coffee at the comfort of our own (temporary) home.

It was a short stay but it was lovely nonetheless.