AHMAD : The Height Chart

March 19, 2013


Growing up, a lot of my milestones were attached to the question “how tall am I now?”. My parents would measure me against their bodies and tell me, complete with a surprised look on their faces, that I’ve grown THIS much taller after finishing a whole banana (disclaimer: I was always the short kid and I hated bananas, this trick worked every time. Yeah. Not very proud of that). But still, my first pill medicine, first tooth extraction at the dentist, first day of school…all measured in height. Trick or no trick, it means the world to me and it will always be one of my fondest childhood memory.

Hence, AHMAD the height chart.

AHMAD was designed to be more than a growth tracker; it is a family treasure in the making, ready to be filled with memories.

It would be a cool addition to your child’s room and definitely a conversation starter when displayed in your common area at home. We have a feeling that your child won’t be the only excited one to show off his or her milestones. The best part about AHMAD is that it can also move house when you do!

We chose pine for its naturally unique grains that give AHMAD its characters, which means that no two charts are the same. The pine planks are sourced from Finland but crafted and treated to last a lifetime locally in our studio. It makes a great gift as each chart is customised with the child’s name and birth date.

Don’t be shy to drop us a line at if you would like to take AHMAD home and we will assist you the best we can from there. Who knows, your little one might just ask for a second helping of broccolis after seeing how much taller and stronger he grew 😉


Price: RM 350.00*

*Price includes mounting screws and FREE installation service (T&C applies)